Dive into delicious “Rich 50 X “ darkness . Powerful bronzer's surround your skin in bronze color while a skin firming agents helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So dark and sweet, it is the perfect treat that your skin has been begging for. 

Work the conditioning formula into your skin before you hit the tanning bed, and you'll enjoy results that are 50 times darker than tanning with an ordinary bronzer. The bronzer contains two types of tan-enhancing ingredients: immediate-acting ones that accelerate melanin production during your session and long-acting ones that continue to gradually darken the skin for hours after the session ends.

RICH 50 X Ultra Dark Black Bronzer formula contains a blend of rich antioxidants. These-skin saving nutrients help to minimize the cellular damage that occurs when the tissue is exposed to the ultraviolet light of tanning beds. The bronzer is a true age-fighting formula, capable of reducing the risk of premature aging that comes with indoor tanning. The formula also replenishes lost moisture to soften the skin from head to toe.

Rich 50X comes in a world class jar accompanied by a plated name tag on an 18k gold chain that can be used as a bracelet. The large 50 ML jar comes packaged in a  black box with the Rich "R"  in Swarkovski Crystals on the front.

  50 ML Jar is $139.00 plus $8.00 Priority Mail Shipping